MECHANICAL Maintenance Solutions

For your peace of mind

Our Mechanical Workshop is accredited by the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) and Automobile Association of SA (AA), giving all our clients peace of mind. Our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced mechanics maintains a high ethical standard to ensure that all clients are dealing with a reputable vehicle workshop that prides itself on high-quality repairs/service to your vehicle. Our workshop has access to, and maintain, up to date diagnostic vehicle data and machinery.

Our Mechanical service offerings covers all major and minor vehicle servicing requirements, from a simple oil change to a complete vehicle drivetrain restoration.

We work with all major fleet merchants and mechanical warranty companies.

Top-tier detailing and paint protection film

Why detail your vehicle?

Daily exposure to pollutants, mainstream vehicle care products, minor blemishes and tiny scratches can all take their toll on the condition of your vehicle’s paintwork. Our detailing process eliminates all accumulated surface pollutants, allowing the detailer to work on the original, authentic finish of the exterior paintwork finish. Following on from detailing, a range of protective coatings or protective films are applied to maintain the level of finish and prevent future damage or contamination to the vehicle’s surface, and thereby maintaining the quality of the enhanced finish attained in the detailing process

Detailing by Experts

You don't want just anyone detailing your vehicle, so at MTown Customs, one of our Top Tier Certified experts detail your vehicle. Our professional detailers know the proper techniques to cleaning your cherished vehicle using only the highest quality of Feynlab and Rupes detailing products. We have two permanent detailing bays along with a state-of-the-art spray booth to repair those minor scratches.

What is car detailing?

There are major differences between a "car detail" and "car wash", most people think they are the same thing, but auto detailing goes much deeper than simply cleaning your car inside and out.

Our Auto detailing process has 6 steps:

  1. Wheels, Tires Tyres and Wheel Arches

    The first step of our 6 6-steps car detailing process is to give some attention to your wheels, tyres and wheel arches as these are your car’s point of contact with the road surface. These areas are often the worst affected parts of the car and become very easily caked in brake dust and dirt from day-to-day driving, so we target them first to ensure that they don’t contaminate other areas of the car later on in the car cleaning process.
  2. Wash

    The Wash is step 2 of our 6-step process. Washing your car’s exterior is arguably the most recognisable step of vehicle detailing. Our 3-part wash process is the best way to a swirl-free finish!

    Part 1

    Before beginning with the exterior wash process, we ensure that heavily soiled areas such as engine bays, fuel filler flaps, and door shuts are suitably cleaned to minimise the risk of debris transfer onto the paintwork.

    Part 2

    Applied through a snow foam lance pressure washer attachment. This pressured application creates a thick foam that clings to the dirt on the surface of the vehicle, removing most of the dirt without the need for contact.

    Part 3

    A safe wash is achieved by ensuring as much dirt and debris as possible is removed from the vehicle prior to contact, this is done by following parts 1 and 2. To remove the last remnants of grime we use the 2-bucket wash method.
  3. Decontamination

    Decontaminating a vehicle removes the impurities and imperfections that washing cannot, using a range of specially formulated products. While daily grime, dust, and debris can be easily cleaned off, contaminants such as brake dust, water spots, industrial fallout, and even old layers of wax can bond to the paintwork, spoiling an otherwise flawless finish.
  4. Paint Correction

    Paint correction is step 4 in our 6-step detailing process. Paint correction is the process of levelling (removing) imperfections in the surface of the paint. This can include a variety of issues and causes like water spots, paint over spray, wash scratches, wipe down marks, bird dropping surface stains, oxidation and buffer holograms. This can totally revitalise the paintwork, reducing the appearance of undesirable marks in the paint or completely removing them and restoring that factory fresh appearance.
  5. Protect

    Sealants are chemically engineered products designed to “Seal” in the finish that has been achieved through your correction process. They will also have the added benefits of enhancing the gloss levels and producing a sharp, clean finish. These products contain different polymers, resins, and synthetic agents to give increased durability when compared to traditional wax.
  6. Finishing

    The final step in the 6 steps of the detailing process is aptly named finishing and involves adding those final touches that can make all the difference. Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. Typically applied by hand, it blends with the paint of your car and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection.

Maintenance wash by experts

Good things take time. Our professional wash takes around two hours, and we use safe methods and chemicals to minimise swirling. Our maintenance wash is an excellent package for those wanting to keep their vehicles clean without compromising the condition of the paintwork or for those that have recently had their vehicle detailed. It is designed to maintain the longevity of the protective layers and defect-free paintwork.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

What is Paint Protection Film?

A paint protection film is a lightweight urethane protective layer of film applied on painted surfaces. The invisible urethane film sticks to the vehicle's paint, acting as a shield against the elements and preventing damage from bird droppings, chemical stains, road rash and stone chips. Our paint protection film features heat-activating self-healing properties, allowing it to heal scratches and swirl marks on heat application.

Is Paint Protection Film Worth It?

Yes. PPF is worth every cent. It's a transparent protective film that covers any painted surface of your vehicle's exterior, reducing the risk of paint damage.

If you recently purchased a car, you'll most likely come across paint protection films or ceramic coatings as options to protect your car's paint. Though the price tag is the primary reason most people question its durability, PPF offers exceptional value for money. However, it's essential to note that the durability and effectiveness of paint protection film depend partly on maintenance. Adhering to the product manufacturer's care tips is one of the best ways to enjoy your investment for longer.

Why You Should Consider Installing Paint Protection Film on Your Vehicle?

In contrast, paint protection film repels dust, grime, and dirt your vehicle picks up as you use it. The best part is that you can easily wipe stuck dirt away without washing, reducing your car maintenance time.
  • It Maintains Vehicle Resale Value

    Minding your vehicle's external condition is essential, especially if you plan to sell it later. Aside from mileage and excellent mechanical conditions, your vehicle's paint job and appearance impact its resale value.

    With paint protection film, maintaining your car's external condition is a piece of cake. Since most buyers seek vehicles in immaculate condition, an excellent paint job would make a good first impression and probably fetch you more money for the car.
  • Protection Against Paint Fading

    Aside from snow and rain, sunlight exposure is another factor that primarily causes paint fading in vehicles, dulling your paint job.

    Perhaps the car receives uneven sunlight; you'd likely notice different colour shades on your car, warranting a new paint job. However, PPF has unique chemical properties, allowing it to block the effect of UV rays on your car's paint.
  • It Saves Money

    Repainting your car or doing constant paint correction can eat into your savings, in addition to the logistics of not having your vehicle for some time. However, paint protection film installation is an excellent paint protection and maintenance option. After installing it, you're unlikely to repaint your vehicle. Despite being a significant upfront investment, it's cheaper considering the cost of repainting, regular waxing, or periodic paint correction.
  • Superior Protection Against Corrosion and Chemicals

    A typical paint protection film comprises three layers, each with a different function, improving the product's strength against corrosive damage and chemical reactions. The protective layer features innovative technology that prevents acidic corrosion from bug splatters, bird droppings, and other contaminants.



Unlike waxes (organic) and sealants (synthetic) that only provide exterior protection for your vehicle for a couple of months, ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating, is a silica-based polymer that provides matchless protection to your car for years. The beauty of your car's surface is threatened daily when you drive through your usual routes and even when you take it to a local car wash. Ceramic car coating removes all the worries about what might ruin your car's paint as you drive or wash your car.


Ceramic coatings offer a strong layer of protection to your car and create a deep, glossy shine that sets your car apart on the road. Below are some of the most obvious benefits of coating:
  • A protective layer against UV rays
  • Protection from acidic contaminants resulting in chemical stains
  • Easy cleaning as the ceramic coat self-cleans from dirt and grime, bird droppings, mud, and other stains
  • Hydrophobic properties ensure that your vehicle repels water to prevent watermarks and water-beading
  • A shiny, glossy look that is mirror-like in appearance
The ceramic coating may protect your vehicle's paint from the natural defects listed above but may not offer the same results against scratches, swirl marks, and water spotting. Also, tiny dirt may accumulate over a long period, so you still need to clean it.

PPF vs. Ceramic Coating vs. Vinyl Wrap

These three products are the most popular options regarding vehicle exterior care. All have different features and will protect your car's exterior, but no product is a bulletproof way of keeping your vehicle's appearance pristine.

Hence, weighing your options and the properties of each paint protection product is essential. While a ceramic coating or vinyl wrap will protect your paint well, PPF will do better due to its numerous features.

Vehicle Body Shop

Quality and Consistency

Our auto body and paint shop has over ten years of experience repairing and assembling cars back on the road in an express manner, with the highest quality, in the most optimum timeframe. Our qualified body repair technicians’ asses and create the best path forward so that we can get your car back on the road without delay. Our customer’s satisfaction and safety are our priority, continuously striving every day to be the best, quality and consistency in every area.
  • Paint Shop - Flawless Paint Job Every Time

    All paint jobs are not the same. A paint job done correctly can take the look of your car to the next level. If on the other hand the paint job was done incorrectly, it can leave you worse off than before. Let our dream-team of professionals bring out the best in your car.
  • Bumper Bashing - Hail Damage or Scratches Repair

    Small scratches and dents or even a bumper bashing can be quite frustrating. Whether caused by another driver, a wandering trolley in the parking lot, or those unexplained little swirls on your bonnet, seeing imperfections on the car you've invested so much in is disheartening. Whilst there’s no magic paint that fixes these bumps and bruises, getting them repaired sooner rather than later can save you more money and hassle than you’d expect.
  • Classic Vehicle Restoration

    Our full auto restoration process entails completely disassembling the vehicle and restoring each and every part and system. Restoring a classic car requires an intimate understanding of the mechanical aspects of the vehicle, an eye for cosmetic details, and an appreciation for the history of the car. Not only are our team members experts in their fields, but they have a passion for classic cars and classic car restoration. Each project we accept matters to us, and we work closely with our customers to ensure their vision can come to life through the restoration. This process limits ongoing maintenance and future restoration situations.

Vehicle storage

The preservation of excellence

With 40 years of combined experience in being car collectors, we have dealt with all the intricacies that make owning multiple vehicles that are not driven frequently challenging. We understand the maintenance and care required to ensure that these vehicles are always ready to jump in and drive off. MTown Customs combines our knowledge and experience into a holistic package for your peace of mind. 

Our state-of-the-art world class facility offers security, convenient location, unrivalled service, passion and peace of mind with the promise to always strive to go above and beyond for you, our valued client.
We know that every vehicle, like its owner, is unique. That is why we accommodate your particular storage needs and do not offer any generic-graded packages. Our foundation package lays down the best-practice maintenance specifications which will form the basis of your tailored package.

Foundation Package comprises:

  • Maintenance Wash on check-in and check-out
  • Dedicated storage bay with trickle charging
  • Monthly 50-point check-list
  • Weekly start-up to operating temperature and fluid checks
  • Tyre Rotation and pressure checks

Vehicle Security


The security of our storage facility and all of the vehicles stored here is at the heart of everything we do, as we are entrusted with unique automotive masterpieces. We have developed an operation which offers unrivalled levels of protection because we know that securing your prized vehicle matters. We operate from a discrete, unbranded site, on a no-through road away from prying eyes and other businesses. With 24 hour security with an access-controlled gate, CCTV monitored single means of access onto site and perimeter protection to all other boundaries; we really are well concealed and protected.

Our facility is situated at a high point, far above the water table and with surrounding land falling away from site ensuring any rain water is quickly transferred away from our buildings and towards the local water courses.

Digitally recorded CCTV footage covering all areas of the site ensures the speedy identification of any unauthorised access to site or buildings. Vehicles are stored within secure, fire-rated buildings with no windows, and with vehicular access strictly controlled. Intruder alarm zones ensure that only occupied zones are disarmed when staff are on site. Car keys are kept within a two-hour fire rated safe in a locked room away from the stored vehicles. The key to that safe is stored off site.


Visitors to site are accepted by appointment only, and only following an appointment being offered will the details of our address be shared by text message direct to your phone. Even if you have visited us dozens of times before, we still require notice of your intended visit.

If you would like to experience an encompassed storage security for your vehicle, speak with us to see how MTown Customs continues to go beyond the expectation in our ongoing aim for ultimate vehicle storage experience. 

Vehicle Transport

Any location within South-Africa

Owning a vehicle for sporting or investment purposes and keeping it in storage presents a vast amount of challenges when it comes to getting your vehicle to the right place at the right time and in perfect condition to race or display, or to your preferred workshop.

We can ensure your vehicle gets to where it needs to be. We offer both local or long-distance transportation services whether it is across Johannesburg or intercity within South Africa, we are equipped to get your vehicle there in prime condition.

Corporate Vehicle and Fleet Branding

Branding transformed into an artwork

Our team of experts are able to conceptualise a brand-new design or alternatively we can take an existing design and roll it out over an entire fleet of vehicles.

Utilising the latest technology and high-quality materials, 3M print wrap film, a simple creative concept or branding idea is transformed into an artwork of uncompromising quality, ready to be applied to clients' vehicles. All application of the branding is carried out by our team of manufacture endorsed installers.

Custom Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

For all types of vehicles

We offer custom graphic and colour change wraps for all types of vehicles. We proudly use 3M, Hexis, and Avery Dennison vinyl to ensure that the best results are achieved in every project. All application of the branding is carried out by our team of manufacture endorsed installers.
  • Colour Change

    We offer a wide array of colours, materials and finishes for customers to choose from or simply give us a sample reference and we'll do our best to match it. We can wrap your vehicle in any colour or finish including chrome, matte, satin, carbon fibre, or brushed metal finishes.
  • Custom Design Wraps

    We are innovators with a passion for design, delivering premium custom car wrap services you won’t find anywhere else. We take the time to fully understand your vision and integrate them into a captivating unique wrap design.